Y Sioe Cyntaf -The First Show

The first Cerrig Show was held in 1873 , but the bad weather in 1876 broke the organisers hearts. However, the revival was as a result of the competitions held at the Milk School in Bwlch y beudy under the training of Miss Roberts, Llwenni Hall, Denbigh at which local farmers submitted their milk samples for analysis.

Bangor University

Bangor University awarded certificates for the leading samples. Charles S Mainwaring was the secretary for the class and provided a building for the Dairy School.

C.S Mainwaring - White Lion field

Some 18 years later in 1894 the first show, held on the White Lion field, to be organised by the Uwchaled Agricultural Society, was due to the enthusiasm of C.S. Mainwaring, later Colonel Mainwaring, the first President and Treasurer, W.A.Jones of the White Lion, Cerrigydrudion and the Secretary Robert Hughes.

The chief purpose of the Society was to arrange The Cerrig Show, which was to improve the stock and the farming in general in the Show district

Farmers Sold Their Exhibits in The Early Days

The early shows were held on 23rd August each year before settling to the current date of 1st Saturday in September. Farmers were also allowed to sell their exhibits in the early days.

All the classes were confined to the four parishes of Uwchaled and a radius of 6 miles from Cerrig. Initially, there were cattle classes for Welsh Blacks, Hereford and Any other breed; Welsh Mountain Sheep, Horses and Ponies, Pigs, Poultry and a section renowned to the present day for the quality of its exhibits Horticulture, Home Produce and Crafts.

There was also a ‘best farm’ competition which was aimed at encouraging improvement in farming practice in the area.

The Secretaries - D.J Hughes

The success of any agricultural show depends on the drive and enthusiasm of the Secretaries, none more so than the late D.J.Hughes who acted as Secretary for 40 years and supported on the day by volunteers from the local community; as well as the all important good weather.

The First Cerrig Show

The First Cerrig Show